Tips from a Private Investigator — Mike Driscoll, LEO — A reprint from the site.

My name is Mike Driscoll, and I am currently a Private Detective, which only enhanced a lifetime of experience in handling/investigating difficult matters. My law enforcement experience is quite varied, but most of my experience was investigating Major Crimes.

I have learned to live a healthy lifestyle via exercise and nutrition. Balanced by maintaining a healthy spirit and a healthy mind. In addition, early in my career, we were advised to develop a diversified circle of friends and confidants.

Here are some of my best tips:

One of the lessons I have learned is to always keep an open mind and treat people the way you would want to be treated.

That said, I know as a LEO, there are very evil people in this world who want to cause us harm or worse. There is a percentage of the population that have NO CONSCIENCE for what evil they do.

There are so many innocent victims of terrible crimes and terrible accidents who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It’s best to always maintain a level of safety and beware of our surroundings. If you get a “bad feeling” about someone or someplace you are most often going to be right about that “bad feeling”.

I have seen the worst tragedies that affect entire families for extended periods of time. Some people just cannot ever get over it. Don’t be one of those. No matter how bad it gets, you have to get over it and move on.

Know this about relationships: They can and do go bad. During some break-ups, it becomes so volatile and unstable that some partners go downhill rapidly. Incidents occur such as stalking, harassing cellphone communication, and violence. Try to always have a strong support group available during these times.

When such incidents occur, one partner may choose to seek a restraining order against the other partner. This court order prohibits ALL communication and contact between the partners. If any direct or indirect communication is made, the partner who is the subject of the restraining order can get arrested. This happens fairly often. Arrests for these crimes often result in jail time and eventually causes destroyed careers. As a Private Investigator, I am very familiar with the Restraining Order process, and it is frightening.

Be careful out there, my friends.

Mike Driscoll



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